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Because apps are srs bzns

Apr. 13th, 2011

For those of us who like odd flavor combinations - like angst with a side of adorable - and know the Tron and Tron: Legacy fandom, this thread is made of pure awesome.


W00t fangirling!

Because lovestrashbags is totally awesome, and this thread totally rocks my socks!


A-Team people, go enjoy!

Aug. 3rd, 2010

... two tags that kind of made my morning.


8_dressing fangirling like whoa. X3

deepambition makes an awesomely fun Chris Redfield. Too cool. I've been brain breaking the hell out of him with my Mao! LOL, and the Mun loves it too.

This opening here is XD!

I'm spreading a massive amounts love for the Yin Mun I've been tagging with pretty much all of last week; ojos_de_luna She rocks, hands down.

Pretty much ALL of this thread is full of win, notably the three way tagging with Yin-Mun and Zexion-Mun going on. Epic win. So excited and awaiting to know what will happen next! 8D

Pretty much everyone I've been tagging with, not just with Hei, but others around 8 are all awesome. <3

Too many to mention!

But everyone involved in the current plot regarding Proposition X? All the great fics that have come out of it? You are all amazing. To take something so similar to California's Prop 8 and then to start a riot, protests, shootings, and more? It's just great stuff to read.

So props all around to everyone, because you inspired me to jump on-board, too!

Here's a link to every muse and every ficlet written about it:


Enjoy reading it, and amazing writing guys.

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Just a quick shoutout

Just want to send out much love to a couple people who never fail to show up to things and make the game more enjoyable. aoutlaw321, swordandmyheart, mia_j, ltcol_flyboy, and their assortment of headmates.

You planned and/or attended the party and played along with my insanity when the Sue decided to play up the trick aspect of the evening. You guys are always around to make things more fun and interesting, and for that I can't thank you enough.



First post here, so... hi. :) Anyway...

Proposition X is a current subplot of Uncanny X-Men, analogous to Prop 8 in California (where Xavier's is currently located in canon), that says mutants should be restricted from procreating. Everyone should go read these RP prompts on it (the order is chronological) if you haven't already (even if you don't follow X-Men or Marvel at all). They're that powerful and that well done. Even more if you know the canon for these particular characters.

Have Heart, My Dear by erikscordelia

Speech Against Proposition X by roughnecksam

How far would you be willing to go to prove a point? by erikscordelia

River Song!

A beautiful, beautiful piece by everybody_lives: here. Spoilers for Doctor Who S4, I guess. But? Worth reading every single line of.

*fangirls a lot*